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2011 June 28
by stewartperry

Situated on in the beautiful north Alabama region known to locals as The Shoals, Florence has been dubbed “The Renaissance City.” Fittingly, the town has a shopping center bearing the same nickname.

The existing space, formerly a food store, will be demolished to make room for a new structure housing other types of retail. Phase I, including a Hibbett’s and Books-A-Million, will open in late 2011. Phase II, a 54,000 square foot  Publix, will debut in late 2012.

Construction is slated to include an underground storm water retention system with 150,000 cubic feet of retention, a new internal traffic pattern designed for better access to adjoining retail and an upgrade to the roads accessing the property. Onsite infrastructure will include new utilities, landscaping, site lighting and paving.

Join us as we chronicle the development of Florence’s new Renaissance City Center.


Sneak Peek Inside Publix

2012 November 19
by stewartperry

A Look Inside Publix

2012 October 10
by stewartperry

Publix is shaping up, inside and out. The parking lot has been paved and striped, and baler/compactors are in place. Sinks, fixtures and shelving are in place, along with meat, seafood and produce coolers. Cash registers are being installed.

Finishing Work Progresses

2012 September 19
by stewartperry

Outside work included installation of roofing at the loading dock, and windows and Dextex doors at the storefront. Work progressed inside at the pharmacy, bakery and deli areas.


Power Meter and Hook Up Installed

2012 September 11
by stewartperry

The site has been very active this week. Highlights include:

  • installation of the transformer and generator
  • the new sprinkler riser room
  • p-gravel at front entrance
  • stainless steel bollards and handrails
  • stamped concrete at the front entrance


Connectivity Arrives By Way of Sidewalks

2012 September 6
by stewartperry

With the front of Publix in view, it’s easy to see that we’re nearing completion. EFIS is complete at the front entrance and electrical work is being installed at the pharmacy drive-thru. Sidewalks are in place.

Sidewalks in the Making

2012 August 29
by stewartperry

Work continued to progress both inside and outside the Publix structure. Wall tile in the deli and seafood area are in place. EIFS activity is ongoing at the front of the building and at at the pharmacy drive-thru canopy. We are also forming the sidewalks at the front of Publix.

Flashing Ties Buildings Together

2012 August 22

Work inside Publix included installation of walls at the  pharmacy area, hard tile on the sales floor walls and terrazzo floor in the sales area. The canopy at the loading dock and grading  at the back of the building also continued.

Flooring, loading dock and parking area move ahead at Publix

2012 August 17
by stewartperry

It was been a busy week at Renaissance City Center. We are:

  • grinding terrazzo floor
  • prepping for pavement in the loading dock area
  • joining flashing from Publix to Books-a-Million
  • insulating pharmacy drive-thru window
  • installing parking lot lights
  • finishing off EIFS and roofing

Pharmacy area walls painted

2012 August 7
by stewartperry

This week, stainless steel scupper downspouts and coverflow were installed. The sales area terrazzo floor was completed and the pharmacy drive through concrete slab poured

Front Entrance Ready for EFIS

2012 July 31
by stewartperry

At Publix, the Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EFIS) has been installed on the canopy, and front entrance brick/split block are in progress. Inside, we completed installation terrazzo floor, painted walls at the bakery and installed light fixtures on sales floor.