Site Improvements Continue With Phase II

More domes arrive so that we can complete the phase II of the underground detention system.

The site lighting system with its LED lighting will provide a high efficiency system which will use about 30 % of a conventional site lighting.

Work continues on the 2nd anchor which will open in the 1st quarter of next year.


Out with the Old: Phase 2 Construction Begins with Demo

The new Hibbett’s store is almost complete. Shelves are being stocked, and we are putting the finishing touches on the parking lot.

Progress on the new store means the existing building can come down. After the site is cleared, a Publix supermarket will be built here.

The building has been stripped of copper or other reusable materials.

We are using an excavator to bring down the roof.

Asphalt is being removed in the parking lot to make way for another underground storm water detention system, which will serve Phase 2.



Let There Be Lighting.

The Hibbett’s exterior and canopy are progressing daily. Here, we are installing the exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS). Along with insulation properties, this coating provides a durable finish for the building.

Just a few days later, the coating is installed, creating a welcoming entrance for Hibbett’s customers.

Paving has started outside the Hibbett’s entrance. As we progress, we will add LED lighting for the site. These systems are an emerging technology, which uses less electricity and are lower maintenance than conventional pole lighting.

Inside, lighting work is progressing. We have added shelving to the stock area.

On the sales floor, track lighting has been  installed to emphasize merchandise displayed on the completed slat walls. Overhead lighting is in place, and security cameras have been added.

Project Bones Are Fleshing Out

As a community gathering spot for the Shoals area, accessibility is particularly important at Renaissance City Center. Our team is now placing sidewalks so that patrons may move from shop to shop with ease. 

After the application of high performance exterior sheathing, the Hibbett’s canopy is taking the shape of a true storefront.

With the underground storm water system in place, curb and gutter are our next step to protect surrounding land.

Inside Hibbett’s, slat walls allow for customization of product display. These are now in place.

Hibbett’s Makes Big Strides

Our team is hard at work on the roof at Hibbett’s.

Inside the store, HVAC system installation is underway.

Plumbing in the bathrooms is progressing.

Concrete block work is moving along for the load bearing walls at Renaissance City Center.

We are now framing the canopy entrance at Hibbett’s.




Florence Project Progresses on Schedule

The parking lot is being put to final grade and compacted.

Integrally colored CMU walls on the front of the center are being topped out and made ready for steel.

Underground pipe access is in place.

Inside Books-A-Million, scissor lifts grant access for installations.

Underground detention system is in place and backfilled.