Structural Steel Moves Ahead

Metal decking has been installed on the Hibbett’s store, making way for a new TPO roof. TPO has a high solar reflectance index and is a sustainable building product.

Inside Hibbett’s, interior framing is underway, beginning the interior tenant improvements.

At Books-A-Million, our team has started the erection of the joist and deck package.

Storm Water Retention Pond Enters Final Phase

The underground retention system is nearing completion. Stone backfill is being installed.

The last water outlet structure for the retention pond is now in place.

With the concrete floor poured and the walls set, our team is installing the first piece of structural steel at the Renaissance City Center.

Site Prep Continues

With underground systems laid and prep work complete, we will start construction on the retention pond this week. Here, we are laying the final stone that serves as its above-ground base.

Our masonry team has begun grouting the block walls on the Hibbett’s store.

Since demolition, we have been prepping the sub base for the Book-A-Million store. It is nearing completion.

Structure Progresses With Concrete Pour

Because of the extreme heat we are experiencing this summer, our team decided to pour the first concrete slab at night, when temperatures are more accommodating.

As the sun rose the following morning, our first slab was in place.

Our team is continuing demo and prep work throughout the site.

We are placing stone in the underground detention pond, which will filter storm water and protect against flooding.

Erosion/Sedimentation Controls and Stormwater Retention System Move Forward

Onsite cut to fill is ongoing.  This photo shows soils from the excavation of the stormwater retention system being placed and compacted on the parking area.

The site will utilize an underground stormwater retention system, an emerging technology being used to maximize land use while ensuring that runoff is compliant with local and national standards.  The excavation for the Stormtech retention system has begun.

The ADS Stormtech domes, made of recycled polymer,  have been delivered to the jobsite and are about to be installed.  Each of these half dome structures will be buried in crushed stone and will have the capacity to retain 163 cubic feet of stormwater.

Site Prep Progress Continues, in Sync With Building Demolition

Demolition began this week with the first portion of the original buildings. Here, approximately half of the structure is being demolished to male way for the buildings pads of the first phase.  We will recycle as much as possible.

We are removing the asphalt from the existing parking field to make way for approximately 150,000 CF of underground retention.

In another area, the parking lot needed to be raised 4 feet to be flush with construction.