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History -Built on a solid foundation

Three decades ago, two individuals came together and settled on the name “Stewart Perry” to define a business philosophy – a company built around repetitive customer relationships. A simple combination of last names, Stewart Perry represents something much larger today. It stands for a reputation earned over the years by putting handshake trust behind every connection, every project and every team member.

Our first customer relationship was a home improvement warehouse. We continued to build several more projects with them. That’s because since the start, relationships have been at the core of Stewart Perry operations. Over the years, work for national, regional and local clients has grown and expanded geographically. We like to attribute our company’s track record for repeat customers to the value we deliver beyond the build.

In 1997, Stewart Perry began offering civil management services to complement its building expertise. Shortly afterwards, Mr. Perry’s interest in the company was purchased as treasury stock by the company.

Today, the company is licensed in 30 states and can easily accommodate project construction across the Southeast, Southwest and Mid-Atlantic states. Even though we’ve grown, we still do business with the eagerness of a small shop. Our core values are the same as they were on day one—we stake our reputation on individuals.

Philosophy Delivering Value Beyond the Build

For nearly 30 years, our approach to our construction projects has been to provide value and follow through. Daily, we strive to:

Communicate. The more we communicate, the greater the likelihood of getting it right the first time.

Manage. Our management works to structure the correct resources from the beginning for a seamless execution.

Deliver. Every construction project will present its own challenges, some within our control and some beyond it. But if it is at all possible, we’ll be on time with a product that matches our promises.

Exceed. Many can provide the services offer. We strive to provide an experience that sets us apart.

Our ability to endure is a testament to our client relationships, business partnerships and sustainable practices. We go to great lengths to make good on our commitments. Our company’s stability is reinforced by relationships that have been around since Stewart Perry was founded. The work we’ve produced with those partners will stand as a reminder of our philosophy for years to come.