Site Improvements Continue With Phase II

More domes arrive so that we can complete the phase II of the underground detention system.

The site lighting system with its LED lighting will provide a high efficiency system which will use about 30 % of a conventional site lighting.

Work continues on the 2nd anchor which will open in the 1st quarter of next year.


Let There Be Lighting.

The Hibbett’s exterior and canopy are progressing daily. Here, we are installing the exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS). Along with insulation properties, this coating provides a durable finish for the building.

Just a few days later, the coating is installed, creating a welcoming entrance for Hibbett’s customers.

Paving has started outside the Hibbett’s entrance. As we progress, we will add LED lighting for the site. These systems are an emerging technology, which uses less electricity and are lower maintenance than conventional pole lighting.

Inside, lighting work is progressing. We have added shelving to the stock area.

On the sales floor, track lighting has been  installed to emphasize merchandise displayed on the completed slat walls. Overhead lighting is in place, and security cameras have been added.